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Jean Jacques Lecoq


Mr Jean Jacques Lecoq

And an agency of communication, since 1994.
And on Internet since the years 2000.
Thanks to our serious, we are in the first pages of the search engines. . .
Why Lecoq?
Simply is a name, easy to retain “Lecoq'
And it is also my name!
Since 2013, we restructured our organization.
And to recruit people of high quality.
So, to better be useful to you, more quickly, to give you better prices;
in one qualitée, which is always ours!
On certain products, they are with the fall, going until less 50%!
For always better being useful to you in our qualitée!
A team reactivates with your service
Our customer service is reachable Monday at Friday 

of 09h30 with 19h30 H   Think you., And Welcome

Such: 06 48 80 55 51 Inter Such:  + 33  (0) 6 48 80 55 51

Well A. You
Founder : Jean-Jacques Lecoq


Information Sur La Société Kit Enseigne Drapeau Lumineux Pharmacie Led Opticien Led Lettre Led                                                                   Tabac Led Studio Design Création Design, la création  des maquettes design magasins, avec création publicitaire, et logo, et la création de votre site web E-commerce.  . . .

Article in the press 
PSD Magazine.

We give in the best agencies of communication of Paris.

In the idea of creation and the design.
PSD Magazine, distributed in 12 countries!

Large Mercy, for this flattery!


Partenaires  : Champauber Immobilier, Apache Immobilier, Bosch, ERDF, ERDF Telecom,  Cacharel, et tout un groupe d'artisan, et de petite PME.